Wasted Shoes are vegan sneakers made exclusively in Spain and Portugal, within the European Union and always complying with the strictest regulations as far as labor and social regulations are concerned.

Wasted shoes, sustainable shoes made in Spain

vegan sneakers crafted in Europe

All the people involved in the manufacturing of our sneakers are protected against labor precariousness.

We have never and will never work with companies where human rights are not respected.

We manufacture in Portugal and Spain (our place of origin), because this way we help to boost the local economy, we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and we control the quality processes, both of the product and of the working conditions.

Our sneakers are vegan, because we do not use, in any case, materials or derivatives of animal origin. We make sure that no one and nothing suffers, this is our main standard. We are a brand 100% free of suffering.