Embracing our role

The vast ocean, a life-support system for our planet, faces threats from human activities like pollution and overfishing. Surfing enthusiasts, intimately tied to the ocean, have a duty to advocate for its protection. Beyond the thrill of riding waves, there lies a profound commitment to respecting and preserving marine ecosystems.

Gony zubizarreta, ambassador of wasted shoes
Gony Zubizarreta, Ambassador of Wasted Shoes

Our Call to Action: Preserving Balance

As surfers, we can play a vital role in safeguarding our planet's most valuable resource—the ocean. Pollution, particularly plastics, poses a significant threat. Surfers, connected to the ocean's vitality, have the power to catalyze change. Through eco-friendly practices and inspiring others, we can actively combat pollution and contribute to the delicate balance of our ocean.


A Shared Commitment

As a brand, we are determined to promote ocean conservation and to work for it, that's why we have our own activism platform, WE Sustainability

WE is our self created space to work with volunteers and other projects to rise environmental awareness. We organice beach cleanups, workshops and events, we collaborate with all kinds of people with a shared mission, protect our planet.


we sustainability