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Our production respects, guarantees, protects and defends nature and our environment.
We are commited to recycle and extend the life of materials.
We don´t use chemicals or glues.
We use ecological materials and our production process is respectful with the environment from the beginning to the end.

Born and raised near the ocean, the increasing pollution in recent years make our hearts bleed.
The ocean has already given us countless beautiful moments and gives us energy every day.
It´s time to give back!
Our shoes are 100% VEGAN and produced with natural and recycled materials without animal suffering and without the use of toxic chemicals to protect our nature.
WASTED was born with the vision to produce shoes with the smallest possible impact on our environment.
Shoes made for you, our nature and the people we are working with.

SEAQUAL is dedicated to upcycle marine plastic into a wide range of high-quality beautiful new products and in doing so to challenge marine pollution.

Humanity has created 8.3 BILLION TONS OF PLASTIC.
4.6 billion tons of plastic can be found in landfill or the environment today.
By reusing and recycling some of this plastic, we help to save natural resources and reduce the pollution in our oceans

Billions of plastic bottles are sold and opened everyday and many of the BOTTLE CAPS end up in our oceans and on our beaches.
Marine mammals, birds and fish mistake plastic bottle caps as food, which can lead to ingestion and potentially fatal consecuences.
Some of our models are manufactured with outsoles made from recycled rubber and bottle caps.

HEMP has been used to make clothes and other textile products for years due to its resistance, but today we have more information about its benefits.
Hemp consumes four times as much COas trees do, efectively fighting global warming.



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