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We have the highest respect for life - both human and animal.
That's why our shoes are 100% vegan and produced without animal suffering.


The industry has already produced so many materials,
which can perfectly be recycled to manufacture new products.
There is no need to always use new 
resources and burden our earth.


It is a long way from the first idea to the finished shoe and many people are involved in this process.
All the steps along this journey take place in different parts of Spain
under fair conditions and with respect for one another.

Born and raised near the ocean, the increasing pollution in recent years makes our hearts bleed.
For us the ocean and nature are not just nice weekend activities but home. Surfing, skateboarding, walking by the sea… we can’t imagine life without an active lifestyle. 
The ocean has already given us countless beautiful moments and gives us energy every day. 
It is time to give back. 
The clothing industry has a huge impact on our planet as it is one of the largest polluters and very often manufactures under unfair working conditions. This is not how we want to work and life. 
WASTED was born with a vision. The vision to produce shoes we love to wear for doing every day life, whilst making the smallest possible impact on our environment.
Shoes made with respect for the environment we are living in and for the people we are working with.



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