Aritz Aramburu presents "Potxoka"

A publication that collects moments since Aritz was 16 years old, until their last adventure together in Teahupoo. Travels around the world, unique and unrepeatable moments and a relationship that goes beyond the professional. 124 pages with photos of Pacotwo commented by Aritz and designed by Folch Estudio.

"Besides being my profession, surfing is my great passion. If I were not professionally dedicated to it, I am sure I would dedicate all my efforts and savings to travel and enjoy this great passion. That's why I feel very privileged to have traveled the world in search of perfect waves. Many of those experiences have been captured in photographs; snapshots that beyond their professional use, are memories of great moments that will be there forever. When I started my career, photography was still something tangible. That's why I love the idea of collecting all these memories and capturing them in a physical format." – Aritz

Images that will take you in an amazing journey throughout the world that shows the special relationship between a surfer and a photographer that goes beyond the professional one. Friends that shared unique and irreplaceable moments that now fill the 124 pages of this book. Pictures of Pacotxo and words by Aranburu (in Spanish), the perfect combo to get you places, you may never have been before.