Introduction: In the world of professional surfing, Gony Zubizarreta isn't just a name; he's a force riding the waves of change. As we sit down for an exclusive interview with Gony, we explore his insights on pressing environmental issues—global warming and ocean pollution—and how we can collectively shape a better future.

Interviewer (I): Gony, thank you for joining us today. Let's dive right into the deep blue. As a seasoned surfer who has witnessed the oceans evolve, how have you personally experienced the impacts of global warming and ocean pollution?

Gony Zubizarreta (GZ): I've been surfing for a significant part of my life, and unfortunately, I've seen firsthand the changes in our oceans. The rise in sea temperatures affects marine life and disrupts the delicate balance of ecosystems. Additionally, ocean pollution has become more evident, from plastic debris to oil spills. It's disheartening to witness the consequences of human actions on the very environment we cherish.

I: It's indeed a concerning reality. With your platform as a professional surfer, how do you use your influence to raise awareness about these environmental issues?

GZ: I believe that athletes, especially those connected to the oceans, have a responsibility to be ambassadors for change. I use my social media presence to share information about global warming and ocean pollution, hoping to inspire others to take action. Whether it's participating in beach clean-ups or supporting eco-friendly initiatives, every small effort contributes to a larger movement.

I: That's a powerful message. In your opinion, what role does the surfing community play in addressing environmental challenges, and how can surfers actively contribute to positive change?

GZ: Surfers have a unique connection with the ocean, and that connection comes with a responsibility to protect it. The surfing community can lead by example—adopting sustainable practices, reducing plastic usage, and supporting organizations dedicated to ocean conservation. By participating in local environmental initiatives, surfers can make a tangible impact and inspire others to follow suit.

I: Taking action at the community level is crucial. How do you envision the future, and what steps can individuals, surfers or not, take to shape a better and more sustainable world?

GZ: The future is a collective effort. Individuals can start by educating themselves about the environmental challenges we face. Small changes in daily habits, like reducing single-use plastic and supporting sustainable products, make a difference. By being conscious consumers and advocating for policies that prioritize the environment, we contribute to the larger movement for a better future.

I: It's clear that individual actions add up to significant change. Lastly, Gony, what advice would you give to aspiring surfers and young individuals who look up to you not just for your surfing skills but also for your environmental advocacy?

GZ: To the aspiring surfers and young minds out there, I would say: cherish the oceans that give us so much joy. Use your passion for surfing as a platform to raise awareness about the environmental challenges our planet faces. Every wave you ride is a reminder of the beauty we must protect. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. Together, we can create a positive impact for our oceans and the world.