Our factories are one of the few which have ecological certifications, both for the materials used and for the shoe manufacturing processes. We are committed to full transparency to demonstrate that we comply with production standards in line with the values ​​we transmit. For all this, we undergo monthly external audits that certify that all these processes are respected.
In addition, we add a series of measures that complement everything we defend and support as a brand committed to the environment and sustainability: we do not use water in processes, we do not use chemicals or glues, and we reuse the energy used during manufacturing .

The fact that some small spots or imperfections can be seen in our footwear is the result of the use of these natural and recycled materials through a circular economy process without chemicals or harmful to nature products, thus giving a second life to raw materials. It is not a man-made artificial product, but reflects our artisanal and sustainable process.

NASIKA PRODUCTS, SA provides us with natural rubber, which is plastered to give the product a second life. This process is carried out at the plant located in Calahorra (La Rioja).
Natural rubber is commonly used in the manufacture of tires, rims, and some waterproof and insulating articles, due to its excellent elasticity and resistance properties, in addition to its light weight and flexibility.

The "Vegan" seal is certified by INESCOP, an innovation and technology center established in 1971 as a private non-profit association. With over 45 years of experience, it works to provide technological services, transfer knowledge and research on topics of general interest to the footwear sector.
This certificate confirms that the chemical processes that we use in the manufacture of these models do not correspond in any case with fibers of animal origin.

The patented brand ARNEFLEX is presented as the new high-density open-cell PU foam that enhances breathability and absorption.
It eliminates the thermal sensation and has antibacterial components that help to eliminate the odor. Its manufacturing process and its open-cell structure give the foam great qualities.

In the foam sector, the cores play a fundamental role in comfort. When we talk about comfort, we are not only referring to flexibility, touch and adaptability, but also to thermal control and breathability.

Arneflex is extremely light and provides optimum performance without adding weight and without compromising material recovery.
The high-density foam prevents fatigue because the foam provides greater cushioning and a great recovery. 

CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATIONS signs the certificate which confirms that the cotton we use is organic and its manufacturing processes are ecological: with its roots in agriculture, Control Union Certifications has focused its efforts on developing services around the sustainability of supply chains. Industry supplying markets for food, animal feed, forestry, biomass, bioenergy, social compliance and textiles.
With a presence in more than 70 countries, Control Union Certifications is in a unique position to manage the challenges presented by the current world market.

The SPANISH CLIMATE CHANGE OFFICE, a directive center dependent on the Secretaría de Estado de Medio Ambiente del Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica de España (State Secretariat for the Environment of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition in Spain), confirms that our factory has registered its carbon footprint and its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including finishing and marketing of sustainable fabrics, as well as digital printing. 

   GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD is a comprehensive, voluntary, international product standard that sets the requirements for third-party certification of a recycled product, as well as good social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. GRS certifies in this way that the polyester we use in our footwear is recycled.



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